Who are we?

Entrepreneurs du Monde : An innovative association for international solidarity 

Entrepreneurs du Monde, a French association founded in 1998, works with people in developing countries. It helps thousands of women and men in precarious situations improve their living conditions; EdM supports them with their own financial initiatives and facilitates access to products with significant health, economic and ecological benefits. These individuals and families are then able to put themselves in a position of success through achieving economic and social progress.

In order to fulfil their objectives, Entrepreneurs du Monde developed an innovative method. It functions as an incubator for local partners, providing social and environmental innovations, for the benefit of the families supported by Entrepreneurs du Monde.  

Entrepreneurs du Monde incubates social businesses and micro-finance institutions in the field. It accompanies its partners towards verified social performance with the local population and towards economic viability through its structures and methods. 


3 axes of actions on 3 continents

In 2015, 132 000 people in 11 countries benefitted from the actions of Entrepreneurs du Monde, through their 21 programs and local partners.

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The association works along 3 axes:


Social Microfinance

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To offer merchants, seamstresses, hairdressers, farmers and other workers financial services (loans, savings, insurance, etc.) and socio-economic services (training, individualized consultation, social referencing, etc.) in the effort to help them in the development of their business and the improvement of their daily life.

Access to Energy

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To aid in the distribution of products with profound health, economic and ecological impacts: gas stoves and improved stoves with wood or carbon, solar lamps, spirulina, and an adapted environment to local needs and constraints. This effort promotes the emergence of a local network of autonomous social enterprises, managed by local entrepreneurs, the capacities of which were preliminary reinforced by Entrepreneurs du Monde. 

Supporting Very Small Businesses

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To encourage artisans and basic service providers to develop a very small businesses (VSB). To carry the actions of the association, the Entrepreneurs du Monde team is managed by experienced executives and administrators.