KUNVI - The Crowdfunding Site of Entrepreneurs du Monde

What Is Crowdfunding?

Literally “financing by the masses”, it utilizes a financing technique created in the 21st century.

Through crowdfunding, one may propose a project to a community of potential contributors who may then choose to contribute financially to the project via an online platform.

 Crowdfunding can take various forms:

Financial contribution through donation without compensation.

Financial contribution through donation with compensation that is predefined and may take various forms.

Financial contribution through a loan. Contributors to a project expect repayment of their contribution on an agreed date with or without interest.

Crowdfunding through investment. It involves financing projects short-listed by a committee of experts and becoming a shareholder of the company that solicits funds.


What is KUNVI?

KUNVI is the interactive, financial platform of Entrepreneurs du Monde, entirely dedicated to financing its projects!

KUNVI’s goal is to “convene donors to the EdM family in a concrete and interactive manner”, according to Armelle RENAUDIN.


-Learn more about our programs and the micro-entrepreneurs you support.

-Receive regular updates on the projects you support.

-Join the community of supporters of international solidarity:

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- Bring your ideas, your suggestions, and your comments to the projects of Entrepreneurs du Monde

- Contribute to a program or particular project of Entrepreneurs du Monde: Be an actor in the success of these micro-entrepreneurs who are supported by our programs by choosing the destination of your donation:

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- And, keep the community growing! Share our actions and progress, and invite your network to join:

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By contributing to projects through KUNVI, you are helping some of the poorest individuals develop a revenue-generating project and gain access to essential goods and services, particularly energy.

In this way, you are contributing concretely to the development of the programs of Entrepreneurs du Monde! To know more, click below:


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With your help, we can go even further ! Join our community and contribute to the support of thousands of micro-entrepreneurs around the world !