TOGO - AKOSSIWA with Assilassimé Solidarité

Seeking merchandise in the provinces, buying at the right price, walking to meet her customers: Akossiwa is always on the move to run her business. Her dream: to open a shop to welcome these customers!


LOME 2014 beneficaire Akossiwa 2Akossiwa sells groceries at the Grand Market in Lomé. 5 out of 7 days she leaves to buy produce wholesale at a good price that she then resells at retail value. On the same principle, twice a month, she buys coal in a village 90 km from Lomé, stores it in the yard of her house and gradually sells it without stopping while walking along the paths of the Grand Marché. 


Akossiwa and Assilassimé

Akossiwa joined the group N'tifafa (Peace in éwé) of the program Assilassimé and has received two loans, one of 40 000 and another of 60 000 FCFA (61 and 91 €) to gather her purchases and monetize her travelling.  Training courses, especially those on savings, are of great interest to her because saving allows her to better manage her purchases and to make plans, including that of opening a shop in order to avoid travelling all day.

"And above all, I wish to help lead my children to their dreams: one would like to be a computer scientist, another a doctor and the last a tradesman like me!".





Assilassimé Solidarité ("Hand in hand" in local language éwé), is Entrepreneur du Monde's microfinance program in Togo. The association works in partnership with the AMC Association (which supports children and mothers living with HIV) to help mothers become financially independent. The Assilassimé team adapts to their personal situation and accompanies them in the long term, helping them gain autonomy. The services are tailored to targeted women and include access to micro-credit, training, support and more.

Assilassimé received the 2014 prize, awarded by FINANSOL and the newspaper Le Monde, for solidarity finance in the category "Entrepreneurship in developing countries".


How will we spend your money ?

Your donations serve to support AKOSSIWA's project as well as those of the other entrepreneurs benefiting from this program.

Assilassimé Solidarité will be able to continue supporting AKOSSIWA and ensure the follow-up of future Togolese entrepreneurs with the same model.

- Training

- Micro-credit, Savings

- Monitoring and supporting the development of the entrepreneur’s project


This project is a perfect example of the social and solidarity mission of Entrepreneurs du Monde, one in which you can participate!